Secure Your Smile with Personalized Retainers

Orthodontic treatments provide you with the straight, healthy smile you’ve been dreaming of. Yet, the journey doesn't end when your braces come off or your clear aligners complete their mission. Retainers, the unsung heroes of orthodontics, step onto the stage at this critical point.

At Villa Orthodontics, we not only make sure to attain your smile goals but also ensure your teeth remain in their perfect alignment for a lifetime.

What are Retainers?

A retainer is a specialized, custom-crafted dental appliance that is used to maintain the corrected alignment of your teeth following orthodontic treatment, such as braces. By offering consistent support and stability, retainers ensure that your teeth remain firmly in their newfound, ideal positions.

Types of Retainers

At Villa Orthodontics, we are dedicated to safeguarding the result of your treatment. We provide a variety of retainer options, each catered to your particular needs and preferences.

Hawley retainers consist of a sturdy acrylic base that rests against the roof of your mouth and a set of wires that gently hug your teeth. Time-tested and adjustable, they provide reliable retention and are customizable with various colors and designs.

Ideal for: Those who prefer a removable retainer option.

Essix retainers are made from transparent plastic that conforms precisely to your teeth, making them nearly invisible when worn. Their subtle appearance and comfortable fit make them a popular choice, especially for those who want discreet retention.

Ideal for: Individuals seeking an inconspicuous option.

Fixed retainers consist of a thin wire that is permanently bonded to the back of your front teeth, ensuring constant support. They require no daily maintenance and provide uninterrupted retention.

Ideal for: Those who prefer a low-maintenance, continuous retention solution.

Similar to clear aligners, these retainers are made of transparent plastic, offering a snug fit over your teeth. They combine the benefits of a clear appearance with removability and precision retention.

Ideal for: Individuals who have undergone Invisalign® treatment and wish to continue with a similar retainer.

These are thin wires custom-fitted to the back of your teeth, hidden from view. They provide continuous, invisible support, eliminating the need for daily management.

Ideal for: Those who prioritize discreet retention without the need for removable devices.

How are Tooth Retainers Fitted at Villa Orthodontics?

We have managed to streamline the process of fitting tooth retainers for a precise and personalized experience. The fitting procedure may vary depending on the type of retainer you choose, whether it's removable or fixed.

For Removable Retainers

For Fixed Retainers

How To Wear and Care For Retainers


Secure Your Smile with Villa Orthodontics

Whether you're wrapping up orthodontic treatment elsewhere and need a retention plan or want to start your smile transformation, Villa Orthodontics is your destination. Our focus goes beyond just achieving your dream smile—we want you to keep it for life.

With over 26 years of expertise and a legacy of transforming 10,000 smiles, Dr. Richard Villa is your trusted orthodontic partner in Glen Allen, VA. Secure an appointment today.

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